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Lassen County Chamber of Commerce Weekly Update

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Patti Hagata, Executive Director

The Chamber board will not be losing Bill Payer, Tractor Supply Manager, as he has decided to not take the job promotion. The board elected new officers at the December 14th board meeting for 2018. Congratulations to Bill Payer who was elected to serve as the board President; Gary Felt, will serve as Vice President (many of you may know him from the many events he volunteers at) and Mandy McGarva, CPA, was re-elected to serve as the Treasurer for another term. They will begin their terms in the new leadership roles beginning in January when the board will be gathering for the first meeting of the year for the annual board training and planning meeting.

The Chamber would like to express our sincere thanks to Richard Parker, Integrated Insurance Broker, for his commitment and serve as the board president this past year and also for his long time service as a board member.

The Chamber has received the 2018 Labor Law posters that feature all required federal and state notices on one poster. They are now available for pick-up at the office for all those who preordered a poster. We also have a small quantity of extra posters available for sale to those who did not preorder on a first-come-first served basis; they are available to Chamber members for $30.00 or/ non-member for $40.00 per poster. Stop by the Chamber office located at 1516 Main Street, Susanville to pick one up for your business. California businesses are required to post updated employment posters at each place of business.

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