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Job Announcement: Lassen County – Correctional Cook Coordinator

Saturday, March 10th, 2018


NOTE: There is currently an opening at the Adult Detention Facility.  An eligibility list will be established which will be used for up to one year.

$15.15- $19.88 per hour, plus benefits package


The Cook will prepare and cook a variety of food in quantity for a large population of inmates.  The major duties of the job include the ability to:

  • Cut and prepare a variety of meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Cook and dispense vegetables, salads, desserts, soups and beverages.
  • Prepare special diets as directed.
  • Supervise and assist in cleaning kitchen facilities and equipment.
  • Train and supervise inmate workers.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Education: Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade.

Experience: One year of experience cooking, organizing and preparing meals.

License: Possession of, or ability to obtain a valid California driver’s license.

Application materials will be reviewed, and the best-qualified applicants will be invited to Susanville to participate in interviews.


An application may be obtained from the Personnel Office listed below or by visiting our website at  . It is your responsibility to provide specific, accurate and complete information describing how you meet the minimum qualifications.  Qualified applicants are invited to submit a required Lassen County application to:

Lassen County Personnel Department
221 South Roop Street Ste. 3
Susanville, California 96130
(530) 251 -8320

Opened March 8, 2018


Lassen County is an equal opportunity employer hiring employment eligible applicants.

Disabled applicants who require special testing arrangements should contact the Personnel Department prior to the filing deadline.

In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act, applicants must provide acceptable proof of identity or authorization to work in the United States.

A thorough background investigation will be conducted.  The investigation may include reference checks, fingerprinting, credit check, driver history and inquiry to local, state and federal files to obtain criminal history information.

All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed advancement through any subsequent phase of the selection process.

Selection processes may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: application review, competitive screening, written examination, performance examination, and/or oral examination.

This bulletin is solely for the purpose of announcing a job opening.  It does not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, and any provisions contained herein may be modified or revised without notice.



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    Cassie Jo Wescom

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