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Zaengles Floor and Home Day in History – February 22nd, 1943

Willard's Hill in the late 1930's from an Eastman Studios postcard

Willard’s Hill in the late 1930’s from an Eastman Studios postcard

Rangers Conduct Unofficial Survey
February 22nd, 1952

Susan River District Ranger Charles Arment and Assistant ranger Arn Snyder of the U. S. Forest Service made unofficial snow measurements in the Willard Creek-Fredonyer areas Wednesday. They found that the average snow snow depth for the area was 40.3 inches with a water content of 15 inches.

“The ground was not frozen under the snow and it was obvious that a great proportion of the present snow melt is percolating into the ground where the beneficial results will be felt this summer,” Arment commented.

Continued cool evenings will help to keep the snow melting at the point where heavy runoff will not occur, he predicted.

The rangers found the snow crust sufficient to support their weight without the use of snowshoes or skies.

Zaengles Floor and Home Day in History – February 21st, 1954

polio1954Polio Drive Ends In Lassen County
February 21st, 1954

Lassen county residents donated more than $10,000 in the March of Dimes drive, which concluded last night with the big Mothers March. Mrs. Frank Murillo, county chairman, announced.

With contributions still pouring in, the total may easily top the $10,000 mark for Susanville alone.

Mrs. Murillo listed funds raised through the several programs of the March as; $240.15 from the basketball game; $367.41 from the Cindercone dance and super; $2,136.73 from the Mothers March in Susanville and the valley; $783.25 from the Mothers March in Westwood; $4,445.10 from the 20-30 Club radio auction and approximately $2,200 in donations from individuals, schools, clubs and organizations.

Still to be collected and counted are the donations placed in March of Dimes canisters all over the county, and March of Dimes cards coming in through the mail, and the contributions from Bieber and Herlong.


Zaengles Floor and Home Day in History – February 20th, 1933

Susanville's Post Office in the late 1930's

Susanville’s Post Office in the late 1930’s

New Postoffice Is Assured for Lassen County City
February 20th, 1933

Susanville was assured of a new postoffice and federal building Friday when government representatives in that department from Washington, D. C. conducted a meeting in which the public of Lassen county was invited to partake.

An open meeting supported by some 50 members of the Honey Lake Valley and Westwood gathered at the Susanville city hall to discuss possibilities of the new building, location and other matters.

It was promised that the approbation of $65,000 would materialize within a year’s time, depending on the time necessary to select the most appropriate location and materials to be used.

Fifteen bids have been submitted to the postoffice department by Susanville property owners.

Zaengles Floor and Home Day in History – February 19th, 1947

The Paul Bunyan Mill in 1950 From the Eastman Archive at UC Davis

The Paul Bunyan Mill in 1950
From the Eastman Archive at UC Davis

New Lumber Mill Will Open Soon
February 19th, 1947

The new mill at the Paul Bunyan Lumber Co., purchased by the Walker interests in Louisiana to replace the mill burned last May, is scheduled to begin operations soon, according to Manager R. L. Kemp. The plant will employ about 30 men and the whole operation, including logging about 120.

Capacity of the mill is estimated at about 65,000 feet of lumber per day. It is an eight-foot band mill, compared to the former six-foot diameter band.

A modern all electric mill, it is housed in a well ventilated building, windowless and lighted with fluorescent lights. It features an electric operated log slip, instead of the well. Capacity of the deck is about five million feet of timber.

An automatic draw saw cuts the logs into 16-foot lengths on the deck after they have been hosted on bull chains. Logs are moved on a “live deck” by chains instead of the former gravity rolled arrangement to the carriage. More modern trimmer saws are lowered by compressed air.

The filing room is on the main sawing floor. An automatic sprinkler system is to be installed for fire safety. The mill is heated with six large blower-type units. Sufficient logs are said to be on hand to operate until the woods open in April.

Zaengles Floor and Home Day in History – February 16th, 1952

From Popular Science Magazine, 1956

From Popular Science Magazine, 1956

Lassen to Promote New Building Board
February 16, 1952

A new industry being promoted by the Susanville Chamber of Commerce is a plant to manufacture a new type of building board, Secretary Ray Arjo disclosed.

It is manufactured in sheets from wood waste ground to particle size and held together by a special phenolic resin. It is bound together by heat and pressure, making a uniform quality panel with a specific gravity of about 1.0.

The resulting hardboard which consists of 94 percent wood, can be used in the regular millwork field, and can be machined the same as plywood.

An imitation grain can be applied to the surface which makes it resemble natural wood panels when stained or blonded.

A sample is on display at the chamber office.

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