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Interested in advertising on Lassen County’s favorite family of websites?

Let me take a moment and introduce you to our websites and advertising opportunities. My name is Marshel Couso and I, along with my husband Jeremy, own the SusanvilleStuff family of websites.

thankyouadvertisersSusanvilleStuff, through the support of our wonderful local advertisers, has been committed to providing timely and accurate news, community events, feature stories, sports and updates around the clock for more than 10 years. We are dedicated to promoting, contributing and enhancing all things Susanville.

We only accept advertising dollars from local businesses, this is because we believe we are working with businesses together to support and keep our local economy thriving.

The advantages to advertising on our Susanvillestuff family of sites are numerous; when you want your information to reach the public regarding a sale, a special event or promotion, we have a large measurable readership who will gladly read what you have to offer. Each weekday more than 3,500 people read WebXtra, our daily bulletin of current events; our flagship website averages more than 600,000 unique page views each month and we have over 4,800 subscribers on Facebook and Twitter who depend on us for timely and accurate local news around the clock.

What makes advertising on our SusanvilleStuff sites so different?

No longer are advertisers who cannot afford high-dollar placements relegated to the back pages of the newspaper, or played at off-hours of the night on radio when nobody is paying attention. Your ad dollars, whether your budget is small or large, will buy you ads that rotate evenly throughout SusanvilleStuff next to the to the top online content and only pay for ads that load in the reader’s browser. It is that simple.

The size of your ad budget will never affect your ad placement; instead, the money you spend determines exactly how many times our readers will see your ad. It is scalable, immediate, effective and very simple. We deliver consistent, quantifiable and quality impressions.

What else do you get when you advertise at SusanvilleStuff?

When you have something special going on at your business, hosting an event or you want to feature a photo of something special, we will be happy to feature you in one of our Business Spotlights at no charge. Just one of the many benefits of being a SusanvilleStuff advertiser.

galleryOur advertisers will be happy to tell you how effective we can be, but how can we be sure your ad is working?

We have a variety of techniques and metrics that will help you quantify the return on your advertising investment. We keep constant watch on SusanvilleStuff’s target demographics and audience appeal and will happily share that information to help you tailor your ad campaigns.

Unlike other media outlets in our market, we have the ability to provide interactive two-way communication between you and potential clients and sales. Offer our readers coupons, discounts and special promotions to drive business to your website; giving you direct leads and quantitative measurement. Your ads can link directly to an online menu, price list or your business Facebook page. Be creative! We will be happy to work with you to make your ideas flourish.

Is it hard to do?

We make it as easy as possible. You can design your own banner ad, we can design your ad based on existing materials or come up with an entirely new concept. The professional design of your ads is included in any ad package and we look forward to helping you put your best foot forward while maintaining brand-unity on the internet.

We are very proud of the fact that our SusanvilleStuff family of sites are easily the most visited online sources in Lassen County. Nobody else even approaches our readership, and for good reason; for more than ten years when people in Susanville have needed news and information they find it at SusanvilleStuff. Let us use our quality content and wide reach to help your business grow and thrive.

Jeremy and I would like to extend an invitation to visit our websites and to check out our Facebook page. We are available to answer any questions you may have and can be reached at 530-257-7138 or by email We cannot wait to hear from you.

On behalf of SusanvilleStuff, I would like to thank you for your time and I look forward to helping your business grow.

Marshel & Jeremy Couso

For more information about anything you see here email us at: Business Directory Advertising

Packet A: Featured Listing in ThinkSusanville
Square banner ad in with link to Facebook or webpage
$50/Monthly      $37.50/annual

Packet B: Featured Listing in  & Top of Page Category Sponsorship
Square banner ad in Business Directory with link to Facebook, webpage, coupon, price list or menu and a long banner sponsorship of category with 2000 minimum impressions (
$225/Monthly   $168.75/annual Website Advertising

Packet C: Impression Ads Square banner ad (300×250)
2000 Impressions             3000 Impressions             4000 Impressions             5000 Impressions             6000 Impressions
$200/month                       $300/month                       $400/month                       $500/month                       $600/month
$150/annual                       $225/annual                       $300/annual                       $375/annual                       $450/annual

Packet D: Impression Ads Long banner ad (960×300)
2000 Impressions             3000 Impressions             4000 Impressions             5000 Impressions             6000 Impressions
$300/month                       $400/month                       $500/month                       $600/month                       $700/month
$225/annual                       $300/annual                       $375/annual                       $450/annual                       $525/annual

Packet E: Impression Ads Long banner ad (960×300) & Square banner ad (300×250)
2000 Impressions             3000 Impressions             4000 Impressions             5000 Impressions             6000 Impressions
$450/month                       $550/month                         $650/month                        $750/month                       $850/month
$337.50/annual                 $412.50/annual                 $487.50/annual                 $562.50/annual                 $637.50/annual

Packet F: Page Sponsorship (excluding front page)
Long banner ad at top of sponsored page and 6000 minimum impressions with a square banner ad with link to Facebook or webpage

Packet G: WebXtra:  WebXtra banner ad (620×194)
WebXtra long banner ad in WebXtra 5 days a week
$700/Monthly   $525/annual

Packet H: Front Page Fixed Position Banner (960×300)
Long Banner ad on our home page of with link to Facebook or webpage (no long-term agreement)

* Square banner ad (300×250) in ThinkSusanville Business Directory with a link to Facebook or webpage, is free of charge with Packets C through F

Square display ads (300×250) 
Long banner ads (960×300) 

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